A Change in Mentality at Rye Ridge Shopping Plaza + Update (12/01/14)

Rye Ridge is the center of Rye Brook. Whether exercising, getting your nails done, or getting a bite to eat, there are a myriad of activities to engage in. In the past few years, however, Rye Ridge has drastically changed from a kid-friendly hub to an adult’s playground.

The stores are now geared towards the older generations and the restaurants are getting healthier by the minute. Classic stores like Little Rembrandt and Finch’s Pharmacy have closed to make way for more modern retail like Pet Valu and Chop’t. In the lower lot, a trend of fitness and wellness has taken over. From health food stores like Organic Pharmer, to cheap jerseys work out clothing at Lov2BFit, Rye Sinemas? Ridge has become home to the growing craze of staying fit. Soul Cycle has become extremely popular, along with SLT, an acronym short for strength, leg, and tone. Currently, there are four fitness companies that offer a wide variety of classes.

In addition to the world! retail and activities, the eateries have also transformed. Frozen yogurt, in the form of Red Mango, has become a popular hangout and sweet-tooth option. Raccanelli’s, formerly known as Pizza and Brew, has closed to make way for Fortina, a new Italian restaurant. Without a doubt, the original storefronts at Rye Ridge are undergoing change, catalyzed with the elimination of Raccanelli’s.

All of these changes raise a question: is this transformation a benefit? The new, “trendy” stores act as a source of income and increased customers, but these modifications also give rise to concern. The increasing rent has left locally owned stores no choice but to close, thereby allowing popular franchised chains to settle in Rye Brook. On a different note with similar apprehensions, parking has become a major issue. Since there is such a draw, many people want to come and experience the new stores; finding a parking spot becomes a scavenger hunt.

One mom, Elysa Peper explains that the mornings are the hard because “you have to fight for a spot.” But, on a different sentiment, fellow Rye Brook mom Beverly Simon says, “I love the recent addition of new exercise studios and healthier restaurants. I think it encourages people to stay active and eat well. Not everyone wants to go to a big gym and the specialized studios offer a fantastic alternative.” Despite positive remarks, Beverly does believe that Rye cheap jerseys Ridge could use “more restaurants where teens would feel comfortable going to hang out cheap jerseys with friends and enjoy a nice dinner.”

This drastic change of atmosphere in Rye Brook is a small scale representation of global trends and changes. New trends and modernization blend together and modify our surroundings. Such effects cause stores that have been in Rye Ridge for many years to сайта be forced into making variations to the way they run their businesses. Reflecting on Rye Ridge as a whole, junior Melissa Roath has nothing but good things to wholesale nba jerseys say, admitting, “Rye Ridge is a good hangout for teens considering there is Chipotle, Soul Cycle, Chop’t, and Red Mango And further, taking into account that there aren’t many places to hang out in Rye Brook. Rye Ridge can at least serve that purpose.”



Rye Ridge’s beloved Family Discount and Ace Hardware are set to close their doors at the end of the year. Both stores have been open in Rye Ridge for over twelve years and are two of the few remaining original businesses. The closing of the shops is attributed to rising rent, which has caused Rye Ridge shops to close before, such as Finch’s Pharmacy and Hallmark.

Erin Hinchey, a leasing representative for the shopping center, stated that they are currently working towards finding a replacement. Family Discount and Ace both offer a huge selection of wholesale jerseys items to its customers and have been a major part of the Rye Brook- Port Chester community. Many residents feel the stores will be greatly missed.