Midnight Madness (+VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

BLIND BROOK HIGH SCHOOL On November 25th, Midnight Madness and all the excitement that comes with it had swept throughout Blind Brook All members of the community were welcomed into the James F. Spano Gym on that Tuesday night to cheer on the Blind Brook Boys and Girls Varsity basketball teams. Teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other town officials all packed in to watch the ensuing events. Midnight Madness gave the Varsity teams a chance to introduce themselves to the crowd prior to their season’s births. Additionally, the Varsity Cheerleaders along with the dance team were given their chance to shine through various cheers that helped get the crowd involved and enthusiastic for the game.

The community’s team spirit was evident in both games through the large turnout and overwhelming excitement. A sense of pride in Blind Brook’s fan base was eminent through the immense and genuine happiness that the spectators portrayed every time Blind Brook scored a basket. Despite all this, one could not help but note the absence of the school’s mascot, a Trojan. After the graduation of last year Senior Jay Glucksman, Blind Brook has been struggling to find someone to fill the role.

Finally at the end of the night, the game between the seniors and the faculty was played and won by the seniors. The close game had a final score of 22-19, the game only being decided by a mere three points. All in all the game is more about enjoyment than the actual competitiveness for both players and the faculty. Sophomore Alexa Limb said regarding the night as a whole, “This night is a really great experience for bringing together members of the community and boosting the overall moral of the school.”