Restaurant Review: A Port Chester Gem

New restaurants have been popping up around every corner in the Rye Brook/Port Chester area. These include La Casa Fresca and Peachwave on the main avenue in Rye. Although these brand new eateries have turned into quick hot spots, the classics are always trending.

Bartaco is one among many. The stylish, hip and tasty restaurant attracts people from all over. Not only is the food extremely delicious but, the happening atmosphere is what sets it apart from any other restaurant in the area. With a young staff, all dressed in white pants and checkered tops; the experience is exceptional. Being a family friendly spot, many students of Blind Brook have eaten at Bartaco.

Sophomore Emma DePoala says, “You couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere!”

With the convenient and prime location of being right on the water, a beach feel is provided and attracts a crowd outside the Rye Brook/Port Chester area. After a long day on the boat, sitting down to eat some great food is the perfect way to end the day. It has become a popular thing for those living in the city to take the train into Port Chester, spend a day on the water, and finish it with a visit to the popular eatery.

Clearly the hip atmosphere is what attracts a crowd but the menu is what keeps them coming back. Putting a twist on the dining experience, each guest is given a slip of paper consisting of checkboxes next to each item. To incorporate the Spanish culture into the food, the style of the restaurant has a tapas bar where multiple Hispanic items can be ordered. Serving its famous spicy cucumber salad and fish tacos, Bartaco’s business is better than ever.

Nothing is ever completely perfect, so even Bartaco has its flaws that customers notice. A large part of the inconvenience is that the restaurant does not take reservations. Although this makes it hard to plan nights out, the experience is worth it. If you’re searching for a young, hot spot to catch up with family and friends, Bartaco is the place to hit.