Restaurant Review: Stackin’ Up


Westchester Burger Co., located on 275 South Ridge Street in Rye Brook, New York is a family favorite among many in the community. It has a rustic lodge atmosphere with the dark wood paneling and the dim lighting, yet its layout is like a sports bar with many televisions all around. The restaurant is very family friendly even though there are no children’s menus and the primary customers are families living nearby. The tables are spaced out well enough so people are not bumping against each other, but when many people are eating it gets very noisy due to the poor acoustics in the main dining area.

The menu has a wide variety of burgers and appetizers, and surprisingly enough there are many other options. For instance, one may order salmon, a chicken salad sandwich, a Philly cheese steak, and much more. In addition, the menu states that all burgers are Certified Angus Beef® and come with fries, but substitutions are available with an additional charge. Also, customers have many options of appetizers to choose from as well. For example, the French onion soup, fried mac-n-cheese, and the WBC (Westchester Burger Co.) wings.

Out of all of the food listed on the menu, the burgers are the best and after all it is what the restaurant is named after. In total there are 21 burgers to choose from, and that number does not include the option to build your own “Ultimate IBurger”. When you create an IBurger you first pick how many ounces of meat you want your burger to have and then download all the different “apps”, also known as toppings, which you would like on the burger.

Aside from the food being great, WBC does many other things well. There are always water pitchers on the table, which make it easier to refill your water without having to wait for a waiter or waitress to come and refill each individual glass. In addition, the food arrives at the table promptly after it is ordered and the wait staff is very polite. The waiters and waitresses always check up on the tables to make sure that everyone has what they ordered and they are happy with their meal. There are rarely issues with meals because the food comes out hot and to the customer’s order.

On the down side, the parking is difficult there because the lot is often full from people going to an assortment of other stores in the shopping center.

Sophomore Rachel Brown, easily sums up Westchester Burger as, “a good place to go eat if you are in the mood for great American food.”