The Much Deserved Break

Source: Alyssa Wei

December break is a time when many Blind Brook students can finally relax after months of tests, projects, homework, sports and other extracurricular activities. Many use this time to venture off to warm places to escape the cold. However, others use this time off from school in colder climates engaging in wintery activities. While some Blind Brook students spend the break vacationing, others spend their week and a half with family at home or at their grandparents’ homes.

Florida and the Caribbean are common vacation spots for those wanting to escape the cold, but many people travel to other parts of the world to spend time in places they do not often get to visit.

Sophomore Erica Wels is spending winter break in Israel, a country that is new to her, “I am looking forward to learning more about my religion, and experiencing the different culture.”

Contrary to warm, tropical places, spending the winter vacation break skiing or snowboarding is also an attractive option.

Sophomore Ski Team member Sarah Simon enjoys spending the holidays on the slopes, “go skiing during December break because [she] loves celebrating the holidays this way and seeing all the friends [she] has where [she] skis.”

December break is also a time where students can see their older siblings who come home from college, or other relatives they don’t get to see often because they live far away.

Junior Jamie Epstein is spending the break in Hawaii and as an added bonus she also gets to reunite with her two siblings, “During the holidays I spend lots of time with my brothers who come home from college.”

Tons of students spend the break celebrating the holidays, which is the reason for the break in the first place. People decorate their houses for the holidays, get gifts for Hanukkah, Christmas, or other holidays celebrated at this time, and then finally towards the end of the break, students celebrate this year ending and the beginning of the next. How people celebrate these winter holidays depends on their beliefs and their family traditions.

Freshman Samuel George is spending the holidays at home, “I’m spending the break at home and I’m excited to celebrate the holidays with my family and take a break from school.”

There are loads of holiday specials on television this time of year including Christmas classics such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and many current television shows also devote an episode to spreading the holiday cheer before taking a break for the holiday period. These shows are great to watch to get into the holiday spirit and celebrate the time off from school.

Blind Brook, no matter what you do to celebrate the time off, enjoy your break, happy holidays, and see you in 2015.