The Holiday Guide to Gift Giving

Source: Rachel Brown

As always, a large number of persons will be partaking in the traditions of giving gifts to beloved friends, family and teachers as the holidays roll around. And yes, it is that time of year again—the time when major corporations spread holiday cheer with advertisements offering discounts to attract thousands of consumers, like Blind Brook’s students.

Electronics such as smart phones, tablets, and gaming systems have proven popular amongst students in their high school years. Although on the more expensive side, these gifts can provide entertainment during the minimal, much-needed downtime available to students in their freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years in school. Speakers, as well as high quality headphones, serve as great gifts for music lovers in need of a better jam session music player.

Clothing is a great option for a present because it fits a wide range of budgets and shows that thought is put into picking an item that suits the recipient. If a decision on which item is best suited for a friend or family member becomes too difficult, a gift card is just as meaningful because it insures that the recipient will get exactly what they want.

Another fantastic gift choice is costume jewelry. With all of the pieces available in local stores, it is almost impossible not to find just the right accessory for the recipient of the gift. Currently, black, plastic chokers have made a comeback at the price of just $3 apiece. Walking through the halls of Blind Brook High School, it is unlikely to see under a dozen girls wearing this fashion-forward necklace around their necks.

Gifts such as gourmet cuisine and chocolates are a “please all” and can be bought at almost any value. Also perfect for friends and peers are gift certificates towards food franchises in Rye Ridge Shopping Center or the Westchester Mall because they are easily accessible and in close vicinity.

For entertainment-loving sophomore Daniel Copland, videogames are on high up the holiday wish list. Many videogames made for specific gaming devices can go for under thirty dollars. “I would be really happy if my parents got me new videogames,” says Copland. At this time of year, large retail corporations mark down the prices of video games and gaming systems in effort to attract customers. In anticipation for the holiday season, major technology companies also remodel and update gaming systems with advanced new features to satisfy their eternally loyal, gaming clients.

Many times, students do not only struggle with gifts for their peers, but also their parents. Electronic picture frames are a wonderful way to show loved ones how special they are by displaying memories of years passed in a constant loop. Another widely appreciated present for a parent is a homemade gift. While producing a gift that requires creativity might not be the first option thought of by a Blind Brook student, a meal prepared by a child can be one of the most heartwarming gifts to give. And no parent can resist a homemade gift basket or hand drawn card to accompany this delightful banquet.

While splurging on lavish gifts for friends and family is generous, it is not the price but the thought that matters. True friends and family will appreciate the gesture, so get shopping, students.