Annual Blood Drive

With the blood drive approaching on Friday, February 27, there are a few things to remember before donating. First, donations will be taken from 8:30am to 2:00pm in the Blind Brook High School auditorium. Donated blood will go to White Plains Hospital, and the blood taken will only be drawn from trained staff of the hospital. After a donor’s blood has been drawn, they will be provided with juice, cookies, and bagels. The blood donation process should take a total of 40 minutes including time to fill out paperwork and time to gather strength after donating the blood. Due to this, students can only donate blood during a free period and they cannot miss a class. Students are forbidden from donating blood if they show any symptoms of being sick because all donors must be in good health. On the day of the blood drive, it is recommended that donors eat a big breakfast and drink many fluids thought the day to stay hydrated. Donors must present valid photo ID to the blood drive so they can allow participation. Don’t forget to donate your blood on Friday!