Movie Review: Its Good to be the Designated Ugly Fat Friend


The DUFF, a popular book for teens, was recently adapted to the big screen as a major motion picture. It has been a big hit, grossing $10.8 million in ticket sales over the course of its opening weekend.

The main character of the story is named Bianca. She was a happy high school senior before she learned the astounding news that she was considered to be the DUFF of her group of friends. DUFF stands for, “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” The DUFF is the approachable friend in the group, who is not intimidating to the opposite gender because they are the least attractive member amongst the group of friends. Bianca soon realizes that there are other DUFFs around her school. However, she does not want to accept her designation. Throughout the course of the movie, Bianca goes through all the stages of coping, which were originally written in the book authored by her mother.

Bianca does not like being the DUFF, and she naturally wants to get rid of the harsh label. In order to do so, Bianca recruits her cool next-door neighbor, Wesley, to help. Not only does she try to shed her title, but capture her crush, Toby, at the same time. As Bianca’s journey with Wesley unfolds, she captures new hope and perspective that she will reach her goals.

The movie, produced by Lionsgate and CBS Films, premiered on February 20 starring Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Allison Janney, and many other big celebrities. Mae Whitman is seen as Bianca in this film, but she has also played Amber Holt in Parenthood, Mary Elizabeth in Perks of being a Wallflower, and Ann Veal in Arrested Development. Mae Whitman shows her acting range in The DUFF by effectively portraying a witty and sarcastic teenager, which contrasts with her role in Parenthood where she played an unconventional teenage rebel. Bianca’s gorgeous friends are played by Bianca Santos and Skyler Samuels, while Bianca’s mother is played by Emmy award winning actress Allison Janney.

Many people feel that the movie did an excellent portrayal of how real high school students actually feel. Sophomore Emily Wexler said, “The DUFF was a great movie that had a really good interpretation of how some people feel in high school, and it showed me a different point of view.”

In addition Rebecca Kimmel said, “This was a laugh out loud movie that anyone can relate to.”

High school students who go see this movie will undoubtedly be able to relate to the spreading of rumors, viral videos, and the social daily pressures of high school.