Restaurant Review: Asian Fusion


RYE BROOK Although restaurants in Westchester are not sparse in quantity, it seems as though people are always looking for a new and interesting place. Bambou, an Asian Fusion restaurant, fulfils that need by providing an excellent environment to wine and dine with family and friends.

Bambou is inexpensive, which makes it perfect for Blind Brook students looking for a calm night out with a few friends. It is also perfect for family gatherings, whether it be just a last minute thing, or a festive celebration. There is often no wait, so one does not need a reservation to be served immediately upon arrival. The only times when it is crowded are on weekend nights, and even then it is not too loud or hard to get a table.

Bambou offers both indoor and outdoor seating, which is nice for warm summer evenings. Also, a waterfall a short distance from the restaurant exude an authentic aura in the summertime. There, one can look over a railing and right into the swirling waters far below. The interior is also beautiful, with original, modern art and dim lighting that gives the eatery character. The adjacent parking lot almost always has space, so there is not much of a walk from your car to the restaurant. When it is full, there is an alternate parking lot located just a short block away.

While the décor is fascinating, Bambou’s food is what makes it so great. With a wide assortment of starters including sushi, it is a good idea to order many appetizers and split them amongst the table. The entrees are just as good, and they include traditional noodles, more sushi, and even duck, served in more than generous servings. Also, there is not a long wait before the food comes out, which is yet another positive. The waiters and waitresses are very efficient and usually bring out the food within a half hour of ordering it. For dessert, a crowd favorite is the flaming tempura, which is fried ice cream served with a ring of fire around it. They also serve lava cake, apple and banana spring rolls, and many different types of tea. Bambou also offers take-out service for those wishing to dine in the comfort of their home despite a craving for Asian cuisine.

That being said, if there is a complaint to make about Bambou, it would be that ordering online is very confusing. The menu they have online is different from the one in the store, which causes additional misunderstanding. Many of the customer favorite dishes from the restaurant do not make an appearance on it at all. Despite the minor shortcoming, Bambou is a wonderful place to enjoy a great meal and is suggested to everyone trying to have a good time.