Beloved Clubs of Blind Brook

The six highs school clubs that draw the greatest enrollment following are Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Human Relations Club, Yearbook, International Food Club, and Community Service Club.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a longstanding club in which students debate issues about international affairs, imitating procedure of the actual United Nations. Due to the club’s popularity, students must tryout to compete at one of three conferences attended each year.
Many club “veterans,” as returning Model UN members are often called, find the conferences enriching in that they provide students with knowledge of foreign issues, as well as enhance a student’s public speaking abilities.

The current board of the club are Co-Presidents Alyssa Wei and Jacob Zeitlin, Vice President Haley Feuerman, Secretary Joanna Goodman, and Treasurer Spencer Kaplan.
“Model U.N. aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about international politics,” said Zeitlin.

Mock Trial, another club that requires interested students to tryout for a position, examines controversial legal cases. Students act as lawyers and witnesses in competitions against other high school teams in courtrooms throughout Westchester.

Over the past few years, Mock Trial has achieved immense success in the courtroom, advancing to the the third and sometimes final rounds while competing with other schools. This year’s club Co-Captains Jacob Zeitlin and Josh Rosson.  

The Human Resources (HR) Club focuses on building relationships between students of all ages with the principal goal to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and around others.

“Our club is built upon the principle of expanding horizons and meeting new people you wouldn’t normally talk to or hang out with,” said Co-President Matthew Streichler.

The other board members are Co-President Alex Silverstein, Secretary Skylar Zakarin, and Treasurer Jordan Kotler.

Yearbook Club designs and distributes Spectrum, the annual Blind Brook High School yearbook. Members use graphic design programs to edit each page of the annual publication.
“I think it’s really important to preserve the details of events at the school so that when we’re all old and nostalgic we can look back at our yearbooks and be reminded of our high school years,” said Editor-in-Chief Melissa Blum.  

The International Food Club exposes its members to foreign countries, cultures and cuisines.  Each week one student makes a presentation about a specific country and brings in food indigenous to that region. The club is led by Co-Presidents Marly Suesserman and Noah Lubin, Vice President Jamie Kerner, Secretary Oliver Kleban, and Treasurer Chloe Greenwald.  

“Since joining International Food Club freshman year, I’ve always looked forward to Wednesday’s at 2:40, where I know I’ll be learning something I never knew about a country and then enjoying great food. To me, International Food Club is a time to expand my knowledge on an unknown topic. It’s a great time for me to de-stress from school work and enjoy an educational and tasty afternoon,” said Suesserman.  

The Community Service Club, along with faculty advisor and Community Service Coordinator Jane Romm, plans and executes volunteer activities for high school students. Service options through the club include volunteering at the soup kitchen, being a pen pal with a Port Chester Elementary School student, and peer tutoring fellow student or a student of Port Chester Middle School.

“Students benefit by being able to experience reaching out and helping people.  It is also a good chance to give back to the community.  To be able to use my knowledge to help others is the most valuable part of Community Service Club,” said Vice President Jake Cohen.