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My Feud with Celebrity Feuds

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched host Andy Samberg poke fun at the newest celebrity trend of celebrity feuds as he attempted to start a feud with fellow comedian Amy Poehler at this year’s Emmy Awards. In another television program, I broke out in laughter as actress and comedian Mindy Kaling sat in on Jimmy Kimmel Live and made a joke that she doesn’t think she has made it in the business because she was not involved in some type of celebrity feud. She goes on to say that she doesn’t care who she is in a feud with and “will attack anyone,” leaving the audience laughing in agreement. This made me wonder, “Why are suddenly celebrity feuds become so trendy?”

There seems to be too many feuds throughout the entertainment business to keep track of. Is the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry still going on? And when did Iggy Azalea’s feud with Snoop Dogg end? Were any of these disputes even real?

I joined the 9.8 million other television viewers who watched Nicki Minaj call Miley Cyrus out at the VMA’s for bad-mouthing her in the press, which launched a huge feud between the two celebrities. Shortly before that, at the same award show, I watched her rekindle her friendship with Taylor Swift after being in a grueling feud (Wow! Nicki Minaj seems to be very busy!). After this VMA show, Nicki’s name was everywhere, leaving people to wonder that maybe her current habit of being in celebrity battles was all just for publicity.

I personally believe that these feuds are started for the purpose of creating publicity. It has been said that in entertainment and politics, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Perhaps they are even resolved just because celebrities are not getting the kind of publicity they want for their current feud. Either way, entertainers should focus more on doing their job as performers, and spend less time worrying about who said what about them.

When was the last time someone like Nicki Minaj released new music? Though she is not currently topping the charts with hit songs, she is one of the most talked about celebrities for her recent behavior. I believe that such stars just like Nicki need to focus less on their behavior and actions, and more on doing their job, which is creating music for her fans.

Tabloids are partially to blame for the sudden trendiness of feuds. They report solely on what stars are doing in their personal life and not what they are doing within their respective professions. Many stars feel the need to get themselves talked about in such magazines and may act out for the publicity.

Many people are starting to complain about the lack of new music being played on the Top 100 radio stations. Maybe this is because so many artists whose music is played on these stations are too concerned with gaining publicity. It is time for entertainers to return to their jobs and continue to please their fans by releasing new content.