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Aca-mazing Group Starts at Blind Brook


Acapella, a style of music that involves only voices, no instrumental accompaniment,   has greatly risen in popularity over the past few years. With the release of acapella-themed movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 in 2012 and 2015, respectively, and the emergence of the 5-person acapella group aptly named Pentatonix, it is no surprise that Blind Brook students have taken an interest in this growing trend.

Junior Emma DePaola, just one of Blind Brook’s many talented performers, has made it her mission to form Blind Brook’s first-ever acapella club, enlisting the help of Middle and High School chorus teacher, Caitlyn Carey.

The inspiration for the club came from when DePaola visited her brother at Colgate University. After seeing a performance by the school’s acapella group, Colgate 13, she was awestruck by their unique sound and presentation.

“I started to think about how I would love to get involved with something like that,” she said.

In order to try out for the acapella club it was required that auditioners came prepared and ready to sing 32 bars of a song of their choice. Fifteen people ended up auditioning, and all are expected to remain in the group.

According to DePaola, the club will mostly be singing pop songs this year. Pop music is the most traditional type of music used for acapella groups. In addition to singing the lyrics to these songs, the club members will also be will be mimicking the the instrumentals with their voices — compensation for the lack of physical instruments.

In order to fully prepare for performances, the first few club meetings will be strictly “business.” As a club solely centered around people’s’ voices and nothing else, it is essential that everyone in the club is singing the vocal part that best matches his or her voice.

To make themselves known, the acapella club will be performing at the winter and spring High School chorus concerts. They are planning on eventually singing at the elementary school and at functions in Rye Brook and Westchester.

”We are really going to be devoting the club’s time to service in the community by sharing music, and maybe competing.” Carey said.