Get Scared


Album: Demons

Release Date: October 30, 2015

Stream This: “Buried Alive”

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Rating: 4.5/5

Unique to many post-hardcore artists, Get Scared puts their own gothic spin on many of their songs. The sound of Demons attracts fans of many genres of music, and Get Scared in general appeals to many ears as they cleverly experiment with a variety of sounds. Their sound varies from pop-punk to metalcore, making them unique from most other bands and allowing them to have a very large audience. They also appeal to fans by making their lyrics relatable and writing songs to let their fans know they aren’t alone in going through what they are going through. Their first song “Told Ya So” on their previous album Everyone’s out to Get Me attracted a lot of fans for this reason; it touched on the feeling of being surrounded by people “out to get” them. This emotional aid goes both ways: the band wrote songs regarding problems of their own, which empathetic fans helped the band in overcoming.

Demons maintained Get Scared’s meaningful, relatable lyrics but contained mostly one genre instead of many, taking away from the uniqueness many fans loved about their previous music. Earlier albums like Everyone’s out to Get Me and Best Kind Of Mess, do a better job with switching up the sound, but Demons has its own strengths. The band elegantly combined meaningful, relatable lyrics with guitars, bass, drums and vocals to create a distinct, heavy post-hardcore sound with a gothic twist. While the music definitely is not pop, it is much softer than what people generally consider “rock” music. The album also has a scream here and there but is mostly made up of clean vocals; it could definitely appeal to many students of Blind Brook High School. The main message of the album is that everyone goes through dark times when they feel like all they do is fight back the demons in their head, but it is important to remember that pain is always temporary, unless you allow it to continue.

The song “What If I’m Right” deals with a common dark thought people can have when they go through things like depression and in general are having a bad day; many victims of such things constantly question themselves whether or not they are actually right about if no one really cares, if it is better to keep their feelings bottled up, and if they can actually recover. The lyric ‘What’s the point anymore?’ from the song “Relax, Relapse” is yet another example of something many can empathize with.

Compared to earlier albums, this one deserve 4.5 out of 5 stars as it, again, does not have a very diverse sound.