Restaurant Review: Rye Roadhouse


Rye Roadhouse, owned by Kevin Campbell, Tom Codispoti, and Greg and Jon Demarco, specializes in Cajun and southern-style cooking. The restaurant, formerly known as The High Street Roadhouse is located in a residential section of Rye on High Street where it offers a large dining area adjacent to a full bar.

When I sat down, I was quickly served a basket of cornbread with a side of cinnamon maple butter. The butter added an unexpectedly sweet taste, and complimented the bread nicely. In addition, the wait staff was very friendly and eager to take my order.

The Chef of Roadhouse, Aaron Monis, makes very satisfying dishes. Notably, the homemade jambalaya was excellent. Jambalaya is a dish one may not have often seen on the menus of New York restaurants. Made with sausage, shrimp, pork, chicken, and crawfish tails served over rice pilaf, it has a very rich taste. The dish, prepared like it is in Louisiana, is a must-have at Rye Roadhouse.

Another notable dish was the Southern Fried Chicken, available for a lower price on Wednesday night. Even though it has a lengthy 30-45 minute preparation time, the dish is well worth the wait. The chicken is crisp, juicy, and full of flavor.

If one is still hungry for dessert, there are many options. That said, I would recommend the pecan pie. The homemade pie is the best you will have without going to the south. With great texture and a molten middle, the sweet pecan pie is a great way to finish your meal at Roadhouse.

Roadhouse is a very rustic restaurant. Its low ceilings, paintings, and signs give the restaurant an ambience similar to the city of New Orleans itself. Its wooded walls erupt with the sensation of comfort, accentuating the setting for the meal.

While Roadhouse is a great restaurant, it does not offer much parking. Due its location in a residential area, it only has a few spots located in the back and on the street. Rye Roadhouse offers something new and different to add to your pallets. It is a great place to have a fun time with family and friends, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.