Springing into Lacrosse Season

Source: Meghan Comstock

As the season comes to a close, the Blind Brook lacrosse teams are looking towards the postseason. After a losing season last year of 2-14, the boys’ team is eager to right the ship, but is struggling to do so. Similarly, the girls’ team, who finished last season with a 9-8 record and a loss first round in sectionals, are out seeking vengeance. The Trojans are looking to go far this season currently with a 6-7 record for the boys and 4-7 record for the girls.

Coach Michael Martino has been coaching the girls’ team for 6 seasons. Martino is excited for the postseason as well.

“I think our basic goals right now are to focus on transitioning from defense to offense. [We would] be able to move the ball up the field more fluidly, and be able to solidify our defense so that we can limit the shots and free possessions that we keep turning over,” Martino said.

New players on both teams are helping on both defense and offense. Brynn Korpi (7th grade) and Gabby Egol (9th grade) have been exciting in their debuts. Brynn has helped in goal and on the field, and Gabby has become a very reliable player helping the team on offense. On the boys’ team, sophomores Alex Golden, Jake Suesserman, Clay Korpi, Kieran Storch and Max Chaflin have played a big roles this season.

Boys’ senior captain Grant Alter has returned for his 4th season and has proven to be a key player for the team. “Some of my strengths are having the ability to score shots from the perimeter and the crease,” he said. As for the girls, their captain, Mackenzie Korpi, has returned for her 5th season. “One of my strengths is that I can use my speed which I can use to get around players when needed.” Korpi said.

Alter and Korpi set high goals for the teams this season.

“I wish to improve by realizing what went wrong in losses and immediately correcting it,” Alter said.

“A goal that I had for this season is to end with a winning record and to win most of our league games. We are a strong competitor in our league and I think that it is a reasonable goal for us to win our league games. Especially since most of the league games we have played have been very close in score,” said Korpi.

Both teams face tough mental and physical challenges as they aim to achieve their postseason goals.

“I think we need to be playing as a team instead of playing for personal stats,” said Alter.

“As a team, I think that we need to improve on basic things like catching the ball and slowing the game down when we can. I think if we are more cautious and take better care of the ball when we have it, it will enable us to capitalize and progress further in the offseason,” Korpi said.