New Stores Come to Rye Ridge


Expected to open this fall, Balducci’s, a high-end grocery store, will be moving into Rye Ridge Shopping Center. Filling the vacancy left by the closing of D’agastinos, Balducci’s will provide an alternative to local grocery stores like Acme and Stop and Shop.

Dagastino’s, the former tenant, was a long-time Rye Brook staple in Rye Ridge Shopping Center on North Ridge Street. Rye Brook citizens were surprised when the store closed suddenly on June 20, 2015, one year ago. “The sudden closing of Dagastino’s in Rye Ridge was truly shocking as I had been shopping there my entire life. Patrons like me were left without the significant presence that Dagastino’s had on Rye Ridge,” said rising Blind Brook High School senior Paul Soden.

This Balducci’s store will be the seventh for the franchise as they are currently located in Greenwich, Bethesda, Scarsdale. Alexandria, New York City, and Baltimore. Balducci’s is a high-quality super market known for their catering and delicious grab-and-go dishes.

Balducci’s also has their own labeled brand. Anything under the Balducci’s name, you can be assured will be gourmet, high-quality food you can taste for a reasonable price. From decadent chocolate bars to zesty soups, the Balducci’s label brand is more than just a brand- it is a delicious and unique taste.

Although it is sad to see Dagastino’s go, Balducci’s brings a new, fancy touch to Rye Ridge Shopping Center.