Shopping for Dorm Rooms


As summer closes in and seniors are beginning to prepare for college, thoughts of bedding, sheets, textbooks, and other paperwork are rising to the forefront of college-bound senior’s mind. The immense number of choices in stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store create even more difficulty for seniors to choose.

Stores which sell materials for college students have begun to section off isles specifically for college dorm room supplies and they are constantly crowded with countless seniors. Others who choose to take the online route have scoured the internet looking for the cheapest prices and adding things to their cart.

Although thoughts about dorm rooms have taken the spotlight, textbooks and classes have also become a topic of concern. Textbooks, which can cost as much as $300, cause many seniors to look to rent rather than to buy. By looking for used or rented books, costs can be cut down extensively, rather than spending thousands of dollars on textbooks and other supplies.

Other senior duties include filling out paperwork for medical forms, classes, and dorms. The deadline for which the paperwork is due varies depending on college; however, it just adds more unneeded stress on the seniors in the summer.

Despite their high school lives coming to a close, their college lives are just beginning. Before they know it, they will be moved in and quickly acclimate to the college lifestyle.