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A Great Fit

Senior Harrison Lawrence sporting his Fitbit Charge HR || Source: Rachel Penn

Within the past decade, physical activity trackers have become extremely popular among all ages and across the U.S. There has never been a better selection of them, as physical activity trackers have recently become available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and technologically advanced features make the experience worthwhile.

Most trackers cost between about fifty and two hundred fifty dollars depending on the functions of the physical activity monitor, such as heart rate monitors or GPS navigation. One cannot go wrong with whatever they choose, whether you are a student athlete or simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

There are three types of physical trackers: the bracelet, clip-on, or watch. Many choose bracelets and watches because of its feasibility and convenience, but if one wants their tracker to look more discreet, a clip-on is the better option. However, clip-ons do not have a display so one has to rely on another device, such as a smartphone or computer in order to view their tracked activity.

People often choose their trackers based on different sports that they play, such as waterproof trackers available for swimmers. Cyclists also have selections, as they can track how many miles were pedaled with options for pairing the tracker to bike equipment.  Having an effective app that can sync to the physical activity tracker is additionally vital to understand the information that the tracker collects. One physical activity tracker user and Blind Brook student Olivia Morrissey said, “I really like my Fitbit because I would never know how many steps I take and the amount of calories I burn each day if I didn’t have one. It is very interesting to be able to see these statistics by clicking a button.”

Fitbit trackers are often the perfect product for adolescents and adults who want to track every part of their day, such as activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep. One can sync their statistics wirelessly and automatically on Fitbit’s highly rated app, or on a computer. With the Fitbit, it is easy to reach goals with electronic tools that demonstrate progress and achievement. It has unbeatable technology and a plethora of models, including the Fitbit Surge and the Fitbit Charge HR, so everyone’s approach to the company can be different.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a top rated product currently on the market. Some features include a heart rate monitor, caller ID, text message notifications, sleep monitoring, and a silent alarm. Its battery life lasts as much as five days. The wristband’s flexibility and durability is great for multi-sport functions.

Hannah Steinthal, a junior, said, “I like my Fitbit because I think it’s interesting to track your steps and distance. I also like to compete with my parents to see who gets the most steps.”

One cannot walk through the hallways of Blind Brook High School without seeing students on their iPhones, carrying Apple computers or showing off their new Apple Watch to friends. Apple has been making these widely used products for years, impressing people across the world with innovative ideas that, at first, many thought were not possible. With the new iPhone, IOS 10 and Watch Series 2, the company has been redefining everyday standards to make life and fitness tracking easier.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the company’s latest design that is water resistant, has a built in GPS, and a new fast dual-core processor. Full of new and exciting features, the watch is the perfect fit for an exercise enthusiast who wants to maximize their fitness potential. The watch has its own workout app, where one can choose from a myriad of different fitness activities such as swimming, biking, or running.

Not only can Apple Watch users view their own progress, but the progress of their friends and family. The watch provides badges when reaching new milestones and includes notifications from a “coach” to help motivate users to be active and healthy in their everyday activities.

Ethan Richards said, “It truly is an all-in-one watch that you can really do anything you want with.” The product keeps uses informed, organized and connected while inspiring everyone to meet their fitness goals.