Changes to Security Desk and Administrative Offices for the 2016-2017 School Year

The new security office utilizes an old storage space in the main office in order to ensure the building's safety. || Source: Emma Seguljic

Over the summer, the custodians were hard at work reconfiguring the security aspects of the building, which included the remodel of the front entrance and security desk area. While the renovations were made to upgrade the security of the building, they led to the movement of administrative offices.

With the entrance way free of any security desk, the security guards now have an office space. Their office was once apart of the main office, and now that space is equipped with everything needed to monitor the interior and exterior of the building. This allows them to keep the students and faculty safe under security regulations as a result of their newly remodeled office.

When visitors now enter the building, they will see the new glass window with a security guard ready to allow them access into the building. Instead of being let into the building before receiving the permission to enter, visitors now are required to wait in the entryway until access is granted. This better ensures the safety of the students by keeping out unwanted visitors.

Security guard Mr. Joseph Funigiello said,” We are now more comfortable, since we are no longer in the main stream where students are constantly passing by, and the renovations give us a chance to work without any distractions.” The new office space allows the security guards to have a more privatized setting with additional room for organization.

Key administrative offices have been affected due to the recent hiring of the middle school principal. Now that Schuelein is solely the assistant principal for the high school, he and the attendance clerk Mrs. Roseann Dirosa, have migrated upstairs. They have moved into the former learning center classroom HLC4, which allows them to work together more efficiently.

Although Schuelein is no longer near the main office, the move allows for him to be easily accessible to students throughout the day, as opposed to being on the outskirts of student traffic in his previous location in the HS Main Office.

Schuelein said, “The move spreads out the administration and I now can provide supervision[upstairs]. It is nice be able to see what’s going on and to be able to help if anyone needs it. [The move] makes the most sense because if there is ever an emergency, we can be in separate parts of the building which allows us to be more responsive.”