Balducci’s Grand Opening

Balducci's, known for their wide range of gourmet food has attracted a great deal of Rye Brook residents. || Source:

Balducci’s, a gourmet food store, opened last Saturday in Rye Ridge Shopping Center. The location was once home to D’agostino’s, which abruptly closed in 2015. Residents were eager to check out the store as hundreds came out for the grand opening. Balducci’s is a food chain which has been operating for over one hundred years, which seeks to offer Rye Brook residents a plethora of prepared foods as well as fresh meats, fish and artisanal cheeses.

Jennifer Wallington, the senior account advisor for Balducci’s, said, “Rye Brook is the perfect location for our newest store and we look forward to sharing our love and passion for food with this vibrant community.” Rye Brook is one of seven of their locations across the east coast.

Recently, many new stores have been popping up in Westchester, marketing as organic and premium food stores. Wallington explained the difference between Balducci’s and other premium food stores. “We believe that our market is distinct and unique. Our focus is on quality, freshness and the finest service from our talented staff. We have an executive chef in each of our locations and our professional, culinary staff use the best ingredients to create restaurant-quality prepared foods and catering for our customers.”

For a senior who is looking to grab some lunch or bring it back for a lucky underclassman, Balducci’s has a lot to offer. Balducci’s Chef Prepared foods are the focus of their marketplace with a large selection of prepared foods made daily. “Seniors who stop by can enjoy restaurant quality meats and seasonal vegetables in our Chef Prepared cases, or can indulge in our mezze bar, ramen noodle bar, soup bar and hot food selections. Chefs are on hand creating these elegant meals, crafting made-to-order meals and assembling hot sandwiches to-go. Our sushi bar also makes a great go-to lunch spot with prepared sushi made daily!” Wallington said.

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