Thursday, April 20: Shakespeare Company Performance

All students in grades 8-10 will attend regular classes to period 4.

 10:05 AM:

Period 4 teachers of students in grades 8-10 will escort their classes to the auditorium.

All students who have a free period must also report to the auditorium.

10:15 AM:

Romeo and Juliet performance begins.

Run time: 90 minutes.

11:45 AM:

A Post-show Forum/Question and Answer period begins.

Run time: 15 minutes.

12:05 AM:

Grades 8-10 and the Shakespeare & Company Actors will break for Lunch.

 12:30 PM:

Grades 8-10 return to Auditorium for Workshop in Performance aka Death by 1,000 Directors.

12:35 PM:

Workshop in Performance begins.

Run time: 45 minutes.

1:20 PM:

Students in grades 8-10 will resume classes at Period 8.