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“Almost, Maine” Takes Center Stage

Source: Abby Strauzer

This weekend, the fall drama, “Almost, Maine” will be taking the Blind Brook stage. A play set in the fictional town of Almost, Maine during the northern lights is not to be missed. There will be two performances, both at 7:30, one on Friday, November 17th and, on Saturday, November 18th. The tickets are $15, and $12 for seniors and children under 12.

This play is like no other, as it does not consist of a single long story that is continuous with developing and emerging characters; rather it incorporates eight vignettes, that are each around 10 minutes. Along with these vignettes, there is a prologue, an epilogue, and an “interlogue.” The vignettes consist of two characters, with the exception of one that includes three. The characters in these short scenes, do not appear again throughout the rest of the play. The reason for this is so the audience can visualize the idea that each depiction and vignette are happening at the exact same time, “9 o’clock on a Friday night in the middle of Winter”. The main focus of the show is to illustrate the concept of how love can differ in many types of situations, from a break-up to falling in love.

Blind Brook’s production of “Almost, Maine” will be featuring a double cast, one cast performing Friday night, the other on Saturday night. The full cast contains 35 students, along with 15 students assisting in the backstage crew, costumes, and props. Since October, these students have been putting in long hours of hard work in order to make this experience a one to remember.

The production is being led by co-directors, Christina Colangelo and senior, Madison Goldberg. “It is a wonderful opportunity for our program to feature many different actors and actresses from freshman to senior year,” says, Colangelo.

The show provides a chance for each actor and actress to be seen just about the same amount as one another, giving each student a chance to show who they really are on stage.

In his seventh BBHS production, senior, Justin Levine, is cast as both Dave and Phil.When asked about this atypical show, Levine said, “It’s been interesting because I’ve never done a show like this where it is short little scenes. It’s definitely been interesting because working with one person for a quick scene is very different than working with a bunch of people for multiple large scenes,”

Come out and support your classmates by coming to the show on Friday or Saturday evening!