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Election Day 2017

After last years presidential election, it has become clear that local elections are an extremely important determinant on the mood of the country. Because of this, it is important to know what is happening in local elections. Here is a brief overview of some of the Westchester County Elections this year.

Incumbent Rob Astorino, the 2014 Republican nominee for governor, faced off against Democrat George Latimer for the Westchester County Executive position. Hot ticket issues include the annual gun show at Westchester County Center, which Latimer has denounced due to Nazi and Confederate paraphernalia being sold.

All 17 seats were up for grabs on the Westchester County Legislative board, although these races have not received the same public attention as County Executive. In our district, the two candidates running were Republican incumbent, David Gelfarb, and Democrat Nancy Barr.

The question of whether to schedule a Constitutional Convention, known as Con Con, was also on the ballot on Tuesday, a question that is legally required to be put on the ballot every 20 years. Opposers of the convention argued the large costs on taxpayers, and that deep-pockets could easily affect what occurs during the convention, possibly undermining existing constitutional rights. Supporters argue that the convention would pose as a good chance to address issues such as education, healthcare, and chronic corruption.

Close to home, Rye Town Council is one of a few races on the ballot unopposed. The two candidates are Democrat incumbent,  Thomas Nardi, and newcomer Jill  Axelrod.


 County Executive: George Latimer

County Legislators: Nancy Barr

Constitutional Convention: No

Rye Town Council: Thomas F Nardi and Jill R Axelrod