The End of the Patriot’s Dynasty?

The New England Patriots have dominated the National Football League for the past two decades. But with a loss in Super Bowl LII, many have asked the question, “Does this mark the end of arguably the best dynasty in football history?” Led by Hall of Fame Coach Bill Belichick, and perhaps the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, this superteam has persistently dominated the AFC East, earning the first seed rank in eight consecutive seasons, two of which ended with New England hoisting the Lombardi Trophy high above their heads with confetti raining down over them. The Patriots entered the Super Bowl with +176 odds according to Vegas, proving how many predicted an effortless victory because of the advantage the Patriots held over their contenders, The Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to Super Bowl LII, The Eagles have not won since 1960, and with the veteran experience of many of the Patriots players, the Eagles were inexperienced to face the Patriots. Throughout the season, The Eagles were led by quarterback Carson Wentz. But during a season matchup, Wentz suffered a season ending injury. Forced to replace him, Nick Foles took the mantle of the starting quarterback with the pressure of the postseason and the fate of the Eagles on his shoulders. Against all odds, the Eagles prevailed, ending their 57 year drought by winning Super Bowl LII. Throughout the highest scoring Super Bowl in history, the Eagles prevailed, thus proving once again that David can in fact conquer Goliath.

As much of the focus was surrounded on the Eagles victory, the loss of the Patriots shows that this superteam has lost their dominance, building confidence for contenders in the following seasons. With Tom Brady becoming a free agent in 2019, many have questioned the direction the team will be headed towards in the following years. Along with Tom Brady, another major asset of the Patriots was rumored to leave, their head coach Bill Belichick. After arguments with Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft involving star quarterback Tom Brady occured, Belichick told Daily News, “The Giants are the only place he wants to be” if he were to leave the Patriots. With his contract being confidential, there is no definite answer to when the contract will end. However, the possibility still remains that Belichick may return to the team that he started his career on.

Although the Patriots will remain a threat in the following seasons, their supremacy will slowly decline as the peak of their dominance has passed, as they begin to reach the conclusion of their historic dynasty. With Brady’s inevitable retirement approaching, the Patriots will look to replace their beloved quarterback. But will this new quarterback be able to support the weight Tom Brady has been able to hold for the past two decades, and play to the level the Patriots need to succeed? There is no possible answer to this. However from the results of Super Bowl LII, it is evident that the Patriot’s history dynasty has ended.