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A Movie Review of Venom

This weekend I saw the new movie Venom, and I did not like it one bit. This movie was made by Sony and it starred Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. The setting of the movie is San Francisco. It was a good production, but there were many flaws in the movie. The friendship between Eddie and Venom (the character who the movie is titled for) was very cliche as the movie tried too hard to make their relationship funny. One example was when Eddie Brock was sharing the rules for Venom, and the rules for being with Eddie. Venom continued to ask to eat people and Eddie kept on saying “No”. I thought it was not funny and that the movie was trying to force it the dynamic relationship between the pair.

Another thing that bothered me was when Eddie asked the villain, Carlton Drake, a question about using human experiments and he gets his girlfriend fired. Even though he got the information to ask the question from his girlfriend. How would his girlfriend’s boss know that he got the information from her? These events led to his girlfriend dumping him.

Additionally, Carlton Drake, the villain, was quite bad. He was the type of villain that had a lot of money and is a very shady character. I wish that Venom had a better character arc for Carlton Drake. The movie had so much potential with Carlton Drake, but it failed to live up to it.

Verdict: Even though there were some funny moments in the movie I would rate it a 3/10. I did not like this movie at all and thought it was poorly made.