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Review: Creed II

Last weekend I went to the movies and saw Creed II. This movie stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, Tessa Thompson as Bianca–who is Adonis Creed’s girlfriend–and Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Also, Dolph Lundgren reprised his role as Ivan Drago. Adonis Creed comes into the film holding a large grudge towards his opponent Viktor Drago because his father Ivan killed Apollo Creed when they fought. To gain a good understanding of the events that lead up to Creed II you should see Rocky IV because that is when the previous plot takes place.

This movie was a very good and complete movie that showed how Adonis changed the way he fought. In the first movie of the Creed series he was not really experienced, but coming into the second film Adonis Creed had many more fights under his belt. Also, the writers develop the relationship between Adonis and Bianca, as Adonis proposes to her and they have a baby. Adonis is conflicted about fighting Viktor Drago because he has to factor in his family ties and the overall strength of Drago.

The fight between Adonis and Drago was very entertaining to watch due to how real it was portrayed. I liked how Adonis had to fight the son of the man that killed his father. At first, Rocky did not want Adonis to fight Viktor because he did not want Adonis to suffer the same fate as Apollo. Eventually Rocky was on board of Adonis fighting Viktor.

This movie shows how Adonis grows as a fighter from Creed to Creed II. The relationship between Rocky and Adonis Creed is developed more as the movie goes on.  Adonis is forced to balance his family and his boxing career in the movie. I would give this movie an 8/10 because although parts of the movie were cliche, overall it was a very good movie that expanded on every character from the first installment of the series.