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Should We Build the Wall? I Think So…

During President Donald Trump’s infamous 2016 campaign, he proclaimed many controversial statements, but the one that stood out to me the most was the proposed border wall between America and Mexico. The way President Trump announced this public works project was far from customary, which is a major reason as to why the media took to his idea with such disgust. At first, Trump claimed that Mexico would pay for the border wall directly. This would turn out to be false as is evident with the current government shutdown. Now, President Trump claims Mexico will pay for part of the wall through strategic trade deals with the United States.

Regardless of who will fund this border wall, Donald Trump’s idea for a wall is actually what this country needs and will be beneficial for our border security. First, whether you believe it or not, we, as a country, have an illegal immigrant problem and this is a great solution to sed problem. The wall will keep the illegal aliens out of the country without needing law enforcement personnel constantly monitoring situations on the border. I am totally for legal immigration.

The wall is also beneficial in that it’ll create a myriad of new jobs for the American People, contributing to the ever decreasing unemployment rate. A major issue against erecting the wall that people bring up is the price of constructing it. It will cost a whopping 5.6 billion, but to put that into perspective, the newly constructed Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge cost around 4 billion dollars. It seems to me that a bridge connecting two counties is far less important for our national security than a border wall.

If the resources necessary for the construction of the wall are considered, many American companies would sell a lot of product. The construction companies, supply companies, and the workers would all be making money from this. All in all President Trump’s idea for a border wall is a beneficial action that will support the American economy and, more importantly, increase our national security.