Blind Brook Student to Meet the President

As a part of the U.S. Senate Youth Program, Junior Abe Baker-Butler will be going to our nation’s capital in March to meet the President, senators, members of the United States House of Representatives, international ambassadors, Supreme Court justices as well as student representatives from all fifty states.

This exclusive program, with only 104 students participating nationwide, is sponsored by the United States Senate as well as the Hearst Foundation. This delegation of students will be spending a week in Washington D.C. and will also be receiving a $10,000 scholarship.

About this prestigious opportunity, Baker-Butler said this “This opportunity is such an amazing thing. I did not think I had a chance when I applied. This whole experience taught me that you should reach for things even if they don’t seem attainable.” Baker-Butler said the part of the experience that he is most excited for is to meet students from all fifty states and to discuss with his peers the pressing political issues of today while hearing many different perspectives.  Abe Baker-Butler stressed how excited he was for this exclusive opportunity to see up close how our government functions.

The mission of the U.S. Senate Youth Program is to “increase young Americans’ understanding of the interrelationships of the three branches of government, learn the caliber and responsibilities of federally elected and appointed officials, and emphasize the importance of democratic decision making not only for America but for people around the world.