Blind Brook Varsity Soccer during the Pandemic

During such uncertain times for all aspects of life, student athletes were unsure if they were going to be able to have a fall sports season. The Blind Brook High School Girls and Boys Varsity soccer teams were fortunate enough to have a season, with a slight twist. Fall sports were to begin much later than previous years. Teams faced many difficulties with playing under these circumstances. For example, some teams were unsure whether their scheduled game for next week will occur because the other team may have to quarantine! The Blind Brook teams were definitely thrown some curveballs, but in the end, it was a memorable season. Blind Brook Girls Varsity soccer captain, Brynn Korpi, felt as though the season went really well. The girls team advanced to the quarterfinals where they lost to Pleasantville after double overtime in penalty kicks. Korpi said, “We ended on such a good note although I wish we had won against Pleasantville, I don’t think we could have played better than we did.” The varsity girls soccer team played various schools in the South Western Small School Section 1 roster. The captain also said, “the team did a really good job of taking what we learned in practice to the field for games. In addition, we always worked really hard and were always improving.” For the girls soccer team it took a little bit of time for everyone to get adjusted to having to play in masks. Though these circumstances provided many challenges, the team was just happy to get this opportunity to play all together during these hard times. The Blind Brook Boys Varsity soccer team also reflected on their experiences’ from this season. The team had four captains: Andrew Lynch, Jesse Zimmerman, Justin Schuster, and Gabe Steinart. Andrew Lynch felt that their first few games everyone came out of the gates really strong. Lynch said, “Although the record displayed a rough season, I couldn’t be more proud of the team. Every game I saw kids giving their all on the field.” The captain felt as though the team needed to finish the countless opportunities they were creating for themselves in order to improve the game. Each game that the boys went into was a clear fifty-fifty battle. As all high school soccer athletes adapted to the circumstances of playing with masks, several things were revealed. This included an amount of conditioning with masks and the ability to run with masks. Lynch was surprised by how well the team managed the whole situation of playing with masks and thinks the team’s gratitude played a huge factor in that. Justin Schuster was one of the Boys Varsity soccer captains and goalie for the team. After four straight cancellations, Schuster felt it was very difficult for the team to bounce back. Reflecting on the season, Schuster said “I know that Andrew, Gabe, Jesse, and I stepped off the field Monday with zero regrets. We gave it all we got. We’ve played together for over ten years and the overflow of emotions in that moment just made me reflect, and I can confidently say I wouldn’t trade a second that I had playing with them and the other guys on the team.” He felt the team could have improved on scoring and if they had scored a few more goals toward the end of the season that they might have been looking at a championship. Though the season did not go the way they all planned, they came together given the current situation and built strong relationships with each other. Schuster also said “The uncertainty felt among the seniors prior to the school year considering we may not have been given the chance to have a season was honestly really nerve-racking. Hearing the news we were set to begin September 29 was music to our ears.” Both the Boys and Girls Varsity soccer teams were grateful for the opportunity to have had a season despite the immediate presence of the pandemic, and the seniors are forever appreciative for making this last ride possible.