Apple Music Is Better Than Spotify

Music is an extremely important form of communication, expression, and connection for people all over the world. It is a driving force in our society, and has developed along with us. It’s no secret that music never fails to create a positive environment, and provide an escape for people from the world around them. Surrounded by darkness or sadness, music is where we all come together, and forget about our differences. No matter the genre, the message, or the artist, music is a unifying force in our world. Different people can connect through music, and learn more about each other, and themselves. Staying connected through music is made possible and easy through Apple Music. Apple Music is a great platform for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs, albums, artists, and more. Apple Music is not only extremely beneficial to the individual, but for families as well. Groups of people can sign up for Apple Music accounts under a family plan, allowing them to access each others’ music, playlists, downloads, and more. The family plan is more cost effective, and practical for people who would want to share their music. Sharing music with people under different family plans, though, is quite simple. With an Apple Music account, you can share playlists or songs to your friends, and download theirs into your library. You can follow each other, and stay connected and up to date with recent activity. One of the greatest things about a large platform like Apple Music, is the large variety of what it has to offer. Not only are there songs for people to listen to, download, and add to their library, but there are radio stations, movies, and TV shows that are available to download. There is a large amount of different radio stations available: local and international broadcasters, stations recommended for you, and genres ranging from metal, to classical, to electronic, to holiday music. Apple Music listeners are also able to access live radio hosted by radio hosts, or artists themselves. Interviews of your favorite artists can also be found under this area. Another great thing about Apple Music is that there are generated options as well. Apple Music listeners are not limited to their keyboard and their search bar, there are automated playlists created by the app itself to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Generated playlists are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to something new. Some generated playlists are more general: “chill”, “wake up”, and “new music”. A very popular general playlist is a playlist containing music from the Apple Music Awards. Very famous artists that performed at the awards will have their songs on this playlist, and people who enjoyed the awards could experience the songs all over again. Other playlists are more unique, like “favorite songs”, or “recently played songs”. There are dozens of different playlists to choose from if you don’t want to make your own. For example, “favorites mix”, your “personal station”, “featuring artists you like”, and “popular music”. When viewing the library of songs you download, there is a customizable list of things at the top of your screen that could make your experience easier. If you find yourself constantly going to your playlists, you can make it so that it is one click away. Getting rid of unnecessary items like your genres of music, can lead to an easier experience and a quicker way to access what you need. Music also strongly represents time periods in peoples’ lives, and can serve as a form of nostalgia. Looking back on previous time periods through music is an incredible way to stay in touch with your past self, and past emotions. Apple Music has “replay” playlists from each year, containing the top songs you listened to in that year. Who knows, those songs from 2015 could become your favorite songs all over again! The top 100 wrapped is also a way to reflect on your old music taste, throughout the past year. Every December, Apple Music listeners can look forward to receiving their year wrapped, and seeing which artists they spent the most time listening to, and which songs got the most plays that year. People enjoy sharing their results with friends and family, and seeing what they can find in common. Apple Music is incredibly useful in many ways and is a reliable tool to use in order to stay in touch with yourself and others through the love we all share for music.