Former Blind Brook Student: Part of Biden’s Administration

Former Blind Brook student and Focus writer Seth Schuster (Class of 2016) was named the Regional Communications Director for the White House under the Biden administration. This title is a very prestigious one in Washington! Schuster is just one of President Joe Biden’s many senior staff members. He is responsible for developing and promoting the agenda of the president as well as leading his media campaign. Social media is becoming more and more pertinent in today’s political climate, and the communications office is effectively adapting to utilize the Internet. More specifically, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are utilized in order to reach out and convey the president’s vision to the public. Schuster also has to develop communications strategies in order to promote the president’s agenda through all media outlets. Some of which include: the State of the Union address, televised press conferences, statements to the press, and radio addresses.

Seth Schuster’s younger brother, Blind Brook senior Justin Schuster, is overjoyed with his brother’s accomplishments. He proudly states, “Seth getting this job is really incredible. He’s only 22 and it seems he’s doing something so many could only imagine doing. His commitment is an example of what I strive to accomplish, and because of that, he’s a great role model, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.” This commitment, described by Justin, is a testament to Schuster’s work ethic and passion for helping those who can not help themselves. Seth Schuster is very pleased with his new job. He said, “It’s a tremendous honor to serve the Biden-Harris administration. I’ve spent more than a year and a half working for President Biden in some capacity -starting as an intern- and each day has been exceedingly more rewarding than the last. The days are long and hectic, but it gives me pride to know that I am serving something bigger than myself.” Schuster finds the most joy in knowing that he is positively impacting those who might not always have an opportunity to be heard. 

The communications director is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the president without the need for United States Senate confirmation. It is no question that Schuster has a special bond with Biden. He concluded with, “The last thing I’ll say is that being appointed to this job is a culmination of the last four years of my life. In December 2016, my dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma- the same terminal brain cancer that killed President Biden’s son Beau. Since that time, I’ve felt I’ve had a unique connection to Mr. Biden that has helped give me a purpose and a drive.” The Blind Brook community will continue to cheer Schuster on through this thrilling time in his life!