Future of Sports at Blind Brook

As the school year progresses throughout these unprecedented times during the pandemic, many student athletes and families have been left wondering when their high school sport seasons will start. In years past, there has never been a season of any sport cancelled. The COVID-19 virus has tested the resilience of the student athletes in a wide array of ways. DJ Goldman, the head of the athletic department at Blind Brook High School, said “I am hopeful that the school is permitted to run all of the sports we normally offer, unfortunately the Governor has not permitted high-risk sports to begin.” Several low and moderate risk sports that Blind Brook offers that are approved as of now for the rest of the school year include indoor track and field for the winter season. For the spring season, sports which are due to start on April 19th include baseball, golf, girls lacrosse, softball, boys tennis, and track and field. On the other hand, there are various high risk sports that are not currently approved. Cheer, football and volleyball, all fall season sports, are hoping for a March 1st start date. There is no specific time to begin basketball, ice hockey and boys lacrosse as these are all high risk sports not approved by the Governor yet. School districts are taking precautionary measures both inside and outside the classroom to protect students and the community. The uncertainty surrounding the sports seasons occurring has a great impact on the students athletes in countless ways. School sports allow students to partake in beneficial activities which have many physical and mental health benefits. Individuals who play competitive sports in high school demonstrate leadership skills and a greater sense of self-respect. Furthermore, for many at Blind Brook, school sports provide a social experience. It gives you the opportunity to be on a team with boys and girls in grades above or lower than your own. There is a special bond which grows between teammates and by the end of the season, a great sense of camaraderie. The world of sports plays a significant role in building a healthier society by bringing people from all ages and backgrounds together. Sports encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Many seniors hope that their season will not get cancelled, as it is their last chance to participate in a high school sport before graduating. Earlier in the year, the boys and girls Varsity Soccer teams were fortunate enough to have a season. Though there were several challenges posed to the athletes throughout their short season, all were very thankful for the opportunity to play together and for the seniors’ last ride. Going forward, all announcements will be communicated to the school, and athletes will be notified which sports seasons will occur and when. Since it is not in the hands of our administration to decide which sports will take place, students will stay hopeful. They understand that to increase the chance of having a season, all students must engage in safety and health precautions. Though the future of sports at Blind Brook High School are uncertain, student athletes will continue to hope for the best.