Spotify Is Better Than Apple Music

Spotify has been considered such an amazing streaming service for years now, but now more than ever Spotify has gained immense popularity. How? There are numerous reasons as to why Spotify has become this popular of a platform, and these reasons are listed below!

Being an avid Spotify user, I can tell you that Spotify’s app design and software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Their streaming and music sharing capabilities have been broadened significantly over the past few years, and it has made Spotify that much more popular! Being able to stream my music throughout the house, in the car, and even on my television has been very helpful and extremely effortless. It takes a lot of stress off of me and other users out there since they don’t have to worry about their music or technologica; capabilities with the devices they are trying to connect to. 

Something also extremely popular with Spotify is their curated playlists. Spotify pays attention to the music genres and specific songs you listen to, and later updates specific playlists that are considered your “Top Picks.” I can 100% say that if you are not the playlist-making type yourself, this feature is very much up your alley! You don’t have to take the extra time to create a series of songs you enjoy since it would have already been done for you! Now all you have to do is open the app and play the selected playlist made particularly for you!

These playlists are amazing as is, but an additional feature that Spotify creates for their users is the ability to download songs and playlists. For years I would struggle in places without any internet connection, and would thus be unable to play my songs for me or others. With this downloadable functionality, Spotify users are able to play their music whenever they want, wherever they want, without needing any sort of wifi connection or cellular service. It is something that is so helpful for all of these users since the couple minutes spent using Wifi to download these songs are spent over the course of months, even years, listening without any concern regarding connection difficulties. Wifi can often have it’s glitches and sets of technical problems, so this feature is a MUST for streaming services.

The final and by far the most beneficial aspect of Spotify in of itself is that any interested user can listen for no cost at all! Most streaming services require subscriptions after short trials, but Spotify is one that is unique to the majority. With the cost of occasional advertisements between songs, the public can listen to millions of songs for free! This is so amazing to those that don’t feel it’s necessary to pay to listen to music, and is for sure an amazing factor that makes Spotify stand out from the rest! For the reasons listed above, I believe that Spotify is such a unique platform that truly caters to the needs of their audience and because of that, I am someone who will continue to use spotify as my regular service. Has this made you change your mind on where you plan on listening to music?? If so, download Spotify today, you will not regret it!