Spring Break

Blind Brook High School students were in need of a break after weeks of hard work at school. The weather is starting to get warmer, flowers are beginning to bloom, and it is a great time of the year to have a break from school. The students have all done a multitude of different activities during this break, ranging from college tours, community service, to traveling and relaxing.

A survey conducted out of 100 students at Blind Brook High School showed that 29% of people planned to travel during the break. Only 2.8% went out of the country, while the other 97.2% of travelers stayed within the United States. Junior Katelyn Faustino went to New Orleans to visit Tulane University. “It was great and I had a fun time in the city of New Orleans as well,” Faustino explained. She went to Audubon Park, which is across from Tulane, and stated, “It’s a gorgeous little park. It has a zoo, some golf courses, playgrounds, and really nice greenery as well.” 

Faustino wasn’t the only student who visited colleges. Junior Zoe Richman went to Boston to visit college campuses as well. She explains, “It’s important to get the vibe of the campuses.” Richman also stayed safe from COVID during her visit to Boston: “There are mask laws mandating that everyone must wear a mask inside, and at restaurants they had separators to keep everyone safe.” Junior Jennifer Mckay toured colleges in Pennsylvania and had a great time. “It was super helpful to get a feel for what the campuses will be like,” she said.

Junior Raghav Joshi traveled to Boston, but instead to visit friends and family. In addition, he relaxed, watched movies, and studied. According to the survey, 60 students planned to see friends and family, and 55 students planned to watch movies over the break.

Blind Brook students have also been working to improve the community by doing community service this spring break. Jennifer Mckay, Zoe Richman, Danielle Cappelli, Anthony Bueti, Abby Kuznetzow, and Joe Cosmedy helped out at an Easter Event hosted by Greenwich moms at the Greenwich Historical Society. They hid eggs, operated booths, and checked people off the list at the event. Richman said that the event was a “great way to get the community involved in a fun and safe way.” 

Mckay, Richman, and Cappelli also donated food kits to an organization called Feeding Westchester that gives food to people in need. They bought boxes of mac and cheese, fruit cups, and cans of soup, and divided them into bags with one of each item. They made 180 food kits to drop off at Feeding Westchester. “It was a very rewarding experience for us to take time to help people in need,” Mckay said.

During spring break, Blind Brook High School administered an ACT test for Blind Brook students to take. This made it very convenient for students to take this test since it was close to home. Students were also a lot more comfortable because they were with familiar people at their own school, rather than having to drive to a different, far-away school.

Students also did fun activities this spring break. Jennifer Mckay went to Manhattan with one of her friends from another town. She explains, “We were socially distant and wore masks. It was great to spend time with a friend that I don’t see often while staying safe.” Junior Nick Beatty also went to Manhattan with friends over the break. “We walked around a lot, ate some Shake Shack, and went into a couple stores. It was a good way to wrap up my spring break.” 

Sports were a big activity for many students as well. According to the survey, 31 students planned to play sports over the break. Beatty played plenty of sports this past week. He is on the varsity football team, and the team had practices over the break. Beatty also played basketball with friends for fun. “It was great to be given the opportunity to play and continue my passion for sports.” It is very important for students to have breaks in order to pursue their own passions, relax, socialize, and have a good time.