When Girls Rise, We All Rise

The Girls Up Club is a new and flourishing club at Blind Brook this year that has been spreading its goal of empowering young girls throughout our community. The club has done a wide range of activities so far to promote gender equality and to empower girls throughout the world. Jennifer Mckay, Co-Founder of the club at our school, states, “From leadership boot camps to donating to causes that help underprivileged women, Girl Up always goes above and beyond to support those who need it most.” 

The club already has over sixty members and has started its first fundraiser of the year at the Rye Ridge Shopping Center. The club is selling bracelets labeled Empower Girls Together for three dollars each. The Fundraiser has had incredible success so far, raising over $600 in four hours of selling. All of the proceeds are going directly to the United Nation Organization called Girl Up, which aids young women worldwide on becoming leaders and speaking out in a world where it is hard for women to express their ideas. The organization believes that “When girls rise, we all rise.” It is time that girls throughout the world have a fair opportunity to achieve their goals and advocate for social justice issues so that the world will be filled with more leaders and positive change. 

It is important that Girls Up Clubs are started in other schools because this club is starting to result in girls having more confidence and rising up against society norms. Carly, Co-founder of the Girls Up Club at Blind Brook notes, “It is a message that needs to get across to a lot of different people and provides awareness on gender inequality throughout the world.” 

 Everyone can help the Girls Up Club on their mission in reaching gender equality by visiting the upcoming fundraiser dates and purchasing a bracelet. The club will be selling the bracelets again at the Rye Ridge Plaza outside Dusty Rose the first two Saturdays of April. It is time we empower girls, and give girls the tools they need to truly shine. We can all be apart of this change and make the world a better place.