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Why Local News is so Important: 

One of the reasons I wanted to become the Editor-in-Chief of FOCUS was to increase  awareness about local news. A goal of mine as Editor-in-Chief is to demonstrate to the students, parents, faculty and staff of the Blind Brook School District and to the other residents of Rye Brook the importance of local news. Last year, as Politics editor I decided to add to my editorial role and also write a political column for FOCUS. I interviewed local politicians that represent our village. From United States Congressman Mondaire Jones to County Executive George Latimer, I wanted our community to learn who their elected officials were and what they stood for. After these interviews were published I received feedback from people which surprised me, people did not know that these politicians existed, let alone knew anything about what they had done for the community in which they lived. This is a primary reason that I wanted to become Editor-in-Chief of FOCUS, to strengthen our community’s awareness of local issues, and I will continue to conduct interviews with Rye Brook representatives as Editor-in-Chief. 

I want FOCUS to become the resource for our community to learn about local issues, whether that be in Blind Brook High School, the Blind Brook School District, or in Rye Brook. Our neighbors at the BMP Ridge Street elementary school have seen issue after issue over the past two years with the ongoing construction project. Up until just a few months ago there was no coverage of the issue by journalists. Local news organizations like FOCUS allow us to stay informed about local governments and our schools. I hope to bring a new perspective to this newspaper, by keeping our community informed both about the issues going on as well as learning who makes the decisions that impact our daily lives. Thank You and I hope you continue to read this great publication from a dedicated staff of 40 high school students, and share it with your friends and neighbors. 

Josh Rosenblut