New Faces at BBHS

This school year, Blind Brook High School is delighted to welcome two new teachers, Mr. Olivencia and Ms. Browne. As the school year is now in full swing, both Ms. Browne and Mr. Olivencia have been able to make strong and positive impacts to the community, right from their own classrooms. Students and faculty members have had the opportunity to get to know them both and make positive connections with them. It is important that as a school we get to know the new teachers and understand how they are contributing to the high school.
Mr. Olivencia teaches English Literature and Foundations of Research for 9th and 10th grade. The main focus of this class is to introduce foundational research skills and analyze texts that display events of the world. The course includes research, writing, presentations, as well as seminars to promote deep analysis and critical thinking in the classroom. Sharing his thoughts on his new environment, Mr. Olivencia reflected, “The best part of Blind Brook so far is the community. I genuinely enjoy working with my students and colleagues here. I can honestly say that every day working here, I leave knowing that I had great conversations and a moment of laughter with the people around me.” Mr. Olivencia clearly appreciates and understands the cherished community that Blind Brook has developed. When Mr. Olivencia is not teaching his students in his free time, you can find him diving into a good book, or watching some of his favorite shows such as Survivor, and Stranger Things.
Ms. Browne is a certified Social Studies teacher and currently teaches U.S. History & Government, Contemporary Issues, and Intro to Psychology. U.S. History & Government focuses on the historical development of the United States through study of the early age of America to the present day. Contemporary Issues asks students to research current issues that are affecting American society and engage in debates and discussions about them. Intro to Psychology is a class based on the study of human behavior. Some areas of study in this class include biological behavior, sleep and dreams, memory and cognition, intelligence, and personality. Ms. Browne teaches a range of different grades including sophomores, juniors, and seniors, depending on the course. Sharing her thoughts on teaching at Blind Brook, she offered, “The best part about being at Blind Brook so far are the students. I find the students are excited to learn, and that makes teaching exciting.” When Ms. Browne is not teaching her courses, in her free time she enjoys working on her knitting and crocheting projects.
It has been a pleasure to welcome both Mr. Olivencia and Ms. Browne to the high school this year. The Blind Brook community is excited to continue getting to know our new faculty, making connections, and working with them both.