From Our Editor

I want to congratulate Dr. Colin Byrne on his appointment as the new Superintendent of the Blind Brook School District. There have been 3 different superintendents during my four years at BBHS, one in particular has stuck out to me as a huge supporter of the student body, Dr. Byrne. At every Board of Education meeting he takes the time to announce and recognize any students, K-12, who have had an individual or group achievement. More personally, this year, after each issue of FOCUS was published, Dr. Byrne has helped us reach the greater Blind Brook School District by making sure the issue is circulated throughout the district. I respect and appreciate that Dr. Byrne takes his time out of his busy day to demonstrate his support of the school paper. I have interacted with Dr. Byrne throughout my time as a Blind Brook student, and in all of his various roles, he has always been friendly and personable, and seems genuinely interested in what the students were doing. I am confident that in his new role Dr. Byrne will continue to support extracurricular activities such as FOCUS, as I think he believes, as do I, that fostering and promoting extracurricular opportunities is one important way in which Blind Brook maintains its standing as a top public school in New York state. I am glad to see that after being with the district for over a decade Dr. Byrne’s abilities and commitment to the students of Blind Brook have been recognized by the Board of Education with this well-deserved promotion, and I wish him much success in this new role .
With regard to the Board of Education, there is a contested election for two board seats scheduled for May 17 in a few weeks FOCUS will be publishing a special edition featuring interviews with each of the candidates. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the vision of these candidates, their backgrounds, and their awareness of issues particularly relevant to Blind Brook High School students. Make sure to follow FOCUS on social media to be notified as soon as this special issue is published.