Aces, Kills, Blocks, and Teamwork: the Recipe for Trojan Volleyball Dominance

On October 1, 2022, Blind Brook’s Varsity Volleyball team won their homecoming match in an exciting victory over Tuckahoe. Trojan fans filled the bleachers, dressed in blue to show their school spirit and support their team. Before warmups and gameplay began, Senior Captains Ava Steele and Lauren Reed were thanked for their commitment to the volleyball program in the traditional rose ceremony. Captain Halle Greaige, Senior, was unable to attend the game, but still received an acknowledgment for her dedication to the team in the Blind Brook lineup. Both teams took their usual warmups, received pep-talks from their coaches, and gameplay got underway. The Trojans dominated the court for the first half of the match, winning the first set 25-7 and the second set 25-12. After falling behind 2-0, Tuckahoe seemed to wake up in the third set and won it 22-25, making the match score 2-1. Driven by a determination to come out victorious, cheers from Trojan fans, and encouragement from Coaches Gina Carlone and Samantha Yannuzzi, Blind Brook was able to eke out a victory in the fourth set, taking a 25-23 victory and ultimately winning the game three sets to one. Proud teachers, parents, friends, and other relatives of our Trojan Volleyball players cheered loudly as the ball went out of bounds off Tuckahoe and hit the floor for the final time, celebrating a hard-fought, and well-earned, triumph for Blind Brook. 

The following player stats are provided by Coach Carlone: Zaara Suhail, Junior, with 5 aces. Oriah Rosenfeld, Freshman, with 16 kills. Lauren Reed, Senior, with 7 kills. Ella Rosenfeld, Freshman, with 5 blocks. Ava Steele, Senior with 4 blocks. 

While there aren’t stats listed for the entire team, every single girl on the court had a part in the win for Blind Brook and they are all significant parts of one whole team. The volleyball team quarterfinals are on Monday, October 31. Go out and support Trojan Volleyball in their last season games!