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Blind Brook High School Band Takes on Citi Field in an Exciting Performance

On September 16, 2022, the Blind Brook High School Bands were proud to represent the
school at the Citi Field Mets game, under the direction of Mr. Lotze. The buses left Blind Brook
at 4:30 pm, arriving just in time for the performance. First, the band members were invited
backstage to watch the behind-the-scenes as they got ready to perform. They were also able to
observe the filmmaking processes, operators, and crew members.
In preparation for the performance, the months of June and September were dedicated to
the memorization of the National Anthem. In order to ensure that everyone was
performance-ready, the band practiced by splitting up sections of the piece, and playing each one
from memory.

The Wind Ensemble and Concert Band pulled off an outstanding performance of the
national anthem in front of an audience of thousands. Several players on the field acknowledged
the musicians, and band members were also excited to see themselves on the jumbotron. After
the show, students and their families were able to enjoy the rest of the baseball game from the
stands. The Mets played against the Pittsburgh Pirates, finishing the game with a victory of 4:3.
It was an honor for the band to be able to play at Citi Field, one of the most reputable
stadiums in the country. Delicious foods and an energized audience filled the band with
excitement. In addition to being an enjoyable experience for everyone, this bonding experience
also brought the group closer together.

When asked about the performance, band director Brian Lotze remarked, “Playing at Citi
Field was such a special experience for the band students and their families. Having the
opportunity to rehearse, memorize, and perform the national anthem in such a short amount of time is an amazing accomplishment. Seeing all of the band students and their families have such
a good time at the game was something so important to me and our community!”

Blind Brook Band members said they felt lucky to have the opportunity to participate in
this surreal experience. As one band member explained, “We will never forget when 40,000
people gazed down at us. The audience’s applause invigorated us, leaving us with a strong sense
of pride for our band, and school.”