A Suspenseful Election

As the spotlight focuses on Georgia – the only state with a midterm run-off election scheduled for December – it is important to recognize the key issues that impact and interest Georgian citizens. In December, the state of Georgia will have the ability to turn the Senate towards official Democratic control as its potential “blue” victory would yield a seat ratio of 51-49. This makes it critical to educate citizens on their two Senate candidates, Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker, so that the Georgia voters can make informed decisions on which representative will best represent their views in Congress.
As climate change has emerged as a weighty concern, incumbent Senator Warnock sponsored the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act in August 2022. This act included various new tax credits for solar firms. This, along with the Inflation Reduction Act, “included manufacturing credits that will translate into billions in clean-energy investment.” Additionally, Warnock sponsored a bill that capped co-pays for insulin at $35 a month for Medicare patients. In the past, Warnock has also supported “negotiating prescription drugs for seniors, and broader health benefits for veterans suffering from toxic burn pit exposure.”
Yet, despite Warnock’s past environmental successes in Congress, climate change is not foremost on most voters’ minds. An Emerson College poll found that the economy is the top issue for all voters and abortion is the top issue for women. However, Republican candidate Walker believes that “people are more concerned about the economy than their loss of abortion rights,” which has led Walker to lead an extreme “Pro-life” campaign. Although Walker says he does not believe in abortion, he has softened his stance from once an extremist point of view – no abortions and no exceptions – to agreeing with Georgia’s law that allows exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother’s life, while prohibiting abortion after six weeks. This is a switch from his remarks earlier this year. In terms of the economy, Walker spoke out against both the Biden administration and his Democratic opponent. “Within two years, inflation has gotten worse,” Walker claims, “They have raised taxes and have had reckless spending with our money. We need to become energy independent again.” Current Senator Warnock refuted the reckless spending claims through his past achievements as a Senator which included advocating for economic relief for the 60% of Georgia citizens facing student loan debt, and even meeting with President Biden directly to convince him for its cancellation. Walker also claims that, if elected, he will help Republicans bring inflation down, and lower both grocery and gas prices – though this is easier said than done.
Though Warnock emerged from the November election with a majority of 49.4%, Walker has come in very close at 48.5%. This means that every voter should return in December to make sure their voices are heard, and that the candidates receive the votes that they deserve.