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Something Rotten Was Really Something Amazing

A few weeks ago, Blind Brook High School’s 2023 production of Something Rotten closed its final curtain. It was a bittersweet moment for all. It was the last show for the seniors, and a show the cast and crew had learned to adore came to an end. The audiences were left with nothing but positive things to say about this show. The comedic plot had viewers laughing for all three performances.
Behind the scenes, there is much more to a musical than meets the eye. From designing a set to establishing light cues, from learning how to tap dance to accomplishing intricate costume changes, Something Rotten did not come without its challenges. Part of why this process was so important was the cast and crew’s ability to put on such a difficult show. On the surface, you may not be able to tell that the first time many of these cast members wore tap shoes was only a few months ago. The perseverance of the cast to master tapping skills was truly incredible. The show’s director, Christina Colangelo, highlighted that her biggest takeaway was “the work ethic and dedication of the cast and crew who were willing to go above and beyond and work hard to make the show awesome.” On top of the already busy lives teenagers experience, their devotion to creating an incredible show was truly inspiring.
When asked about her biggest takeaway from the process, senior dance captain Alyssa Trokie explained, “Something that’s really amazing about the musical is that you drop everything for it, and it becomes your life. It makes you fall in love with the show and the people you are doing it with.” One of the most important things besides the show itself is the friends you meet along the way. People have met some of their best friends through the theater program, and the upperclassmen mentor underclassmen. Once the show begins to come together there is a rewarding feeling of pride and excitement. The rehearsal process can be tedious with every day bringing new challenges. But cast members describe an amazing feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. When the audience begins to trickle in and the applause starts to roar, the rush of adrenaline in the cast can’t be beat.
This show was one of the best. The lessons and friendships gained along the way will last a lifetime. In the words of senior Tech captain Julian Silva, “this team of gifted individuals worked tirelessly from bottom to top to [create an incredible spectacle].”