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Uniting the Community: BBHS Senior Fashion Show Raises Funds for a Good Cause

The Senior Fashion Show, organized by the Blind Brook Senate, left the audience in stitches. Co-hosted by Jackson Weinstein and Maddie Campbell, the event showcased the talents of the senior class while raising funds for the Sharing Shelf,  a Westchester-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing basic necessities for low-income teenagers in the community. With exceptional musical performances by The Night Owls and Alyssa Artabane, and humorous acts by Blind Brook students, the show brought together the Blind Brook community in a carefree, yet incredibly meaningful way.

When asked about the work that went into planning this event, Weinstein explained that the event required months of extensive planning and coordination. With the involvement of nearly 50 models and various other individuals participating in setting up and performing, the event was a challenging, yet successful feat, resulting in an entertaining show that managed to raise an impressive total of $2,740 for the Sharing Shelf.

The fashion show also worked hard to represent our seniors, and with approximately half of the graduating class taking part in the fashion show, it was a memorable send-off for all who participated. Each senior had the opportunity to take the stage with their friends, creating a memorable farewell before graduation. 

The Senior Fashion Show has been a cherished tradition at Blind Brook for many years, fostering camaraderie and excitement among students and teachers alike. The show strives to promote community involvement and unite those in the Blind Brook and Rye Brook communities. The event attracted around 150 people, including teachers, administrators, students, parents, relatives, and other members of the community. As a lighthearted event with a noble cause, the Fashion Show served as an avenue for the Rye Brook community to come together and support a local initiative.

This year’s Senate-organized Senior Fashion Show proved to be nothing but a resounding success. With its funny acts and incredible performances, the event not only entertained, but also brought the Blind Brook community closer. Through their generous donation to The Sharing Shelf, the event demonstrated the power of unity and compassion, leaving a lasting impact on the students of Blind Brook and the residents of Rye Brook alike.