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The B2CM Club

Bring Change to Mind is a new Blind Brook High School club in its second year.  Although young, the club has quickly become one of the most popular, with participation ranging from the new freshmen to the seniors. Sophie Possick, a current senior, founded this club in her junior year after spending every year since the beginning of high school trying to bring a chapter of this club to Blind Brook.   

As this club’s leader, Sophie could go to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in New York City. This event was called the City Winery for the Bring Change to Mind Revels and Revelations Gala. She spent her Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day attending this event in the city while most of her peers enjoyed their day off.  

This club was significant to Sophie because she suffered from depression post-COVID-19 lockdowns. “I didn’t talk about it. I was embarrassed,” Sophie said. “That’s not healthy and if anyone else was struggling they shouldn’t be alone. “ 

Through some research, Sophie founded the BC2M club, believing it to be the solution in making sure that no one felt alone, and knew that bringing this chapter to the school would be a rewarding process. The club is run through a nonprofit parent organization founded by Actress Glenn Close to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness. The organization organizes campaigns and develops youth programs, including clubs in high schools around the country by providing grants for them to participate in the informational campaigns and activities.

Sophie said, “I wanted to create a place where people can learn, a place that is accepting and understanding and where people do not need to feel ashamed.”   

During the gala, Sophie and the other ushers were asked to collect cards on which guests had written their thoughts. It was quite a shock when she was handed a card from actor Ryan Reynolds. The card said that Ryan Reynolds had publicly stated that he had anxiety. In Sophie’s opinion, “If Ryan Reynolds has it, why should anyone be ashamed?” He was among many other celebrities who attended the event, including Reba McIntyre, Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Close, Amy Schumer, and Mariska Hargitay. 

The need for more awareness on topics surrounding mental illness has increased through the years, mainly for high school-aged students. Club advisor and school social worker Tenisha Neil-Robinson said, “The chapter has more than 14,000 students.” She says that her open-door philosophy and the BC2M club give students more opportunities than ever to get their needed help.  

“It’s its own gift honestly to see a kid who was struggling and being there for them,” she said. “I tell Sophie everyday how proud I am of her; I’ve seen how she has grown.”

Ms. Neil-Robinson also attended the gala, and she happened to meet a social worker at a nearby private school, Sacred Heart Academy. This opportunity excited her as she now has someone to collaborate with in running the club. There may also be future opportunities for the two different clubs to work together.  

The BC2M club has been through about a month and a half of meetings and activities this year. After having more than 100 students sign up for the club at the club fair, the school looks forward to seeing what the club can achieve.