Israel and Palestine 

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas has occurred over the past few months. Currently, the United States has come to the aid of Israel during the suffering in Gaza. Recent developments have led to a new playing field in this historical war. The Biden Administration recently bypassed Congress in the decision of handing over $106,500,000 worth of tank equipment to Israel. Meanwhile, Palestinians in Gaza are facing mass starvation. Arguably the most significant of the recent updates, a truce was made between Palestine and Israel involving Israeli hostages being released in return for Israel stopping the cease-fire attacks and other Palestinian hostages. Israel’s main goal is to dismantle Hamas once and for all and has been persistent with this goal throughout the war. As the compromise was put into motion, a bus arrived back in Gaza full of Palestinian hostages on Friday morning, people were chanting “God is great” and holding up green Hamas flags. The trading of hostages has occurred since November 24. 

Though the conflict seems like it’s coming to an end, there are still significant events. Only 10 Israeli hostages are released per day, while 30 Palestinian prisoners are released. The difference between them. This is controversial because many media sources highlight that Palestinian prisoners have committed murderous acts of children, whereas Israeli hostages are innocent. This past Thursday, there was a deadly attack by two gunmen on bus riders on a main highway in Jerusalem. It is clear although there is a truce, Hamas still has intentions of killing Israeli people. 

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby hopes this truce will continue so Israeli hostages will keep getting released. The truce was extended to a 10th day, and most likely ongoing. The hostages being released from Hamas captivity have explained it as hell. They have described abnormal fear, zero sleep, hunger, and a difficult mental and conditional state. One hostage, Margalit Moses, said her captor took away her oxygen machine. She explains that being in those tunnels is an unbearable situation, and it is necessary to rescue the rest of the hostages as soon as possible. One may think this is an unfair trade between Israel and Palestine. But clearly, from the hostages’ experience, the top priority of Israel is to get all of the hostages back home and will do whatever it takes, which is why this truce will continue to extend. Despite the release, there are still 137 hostages held by Hamas. 

Meanwhile, there are still many innocent Palestinians as well as Jews living in Gaza while all these attacks are taking place. Gaza is in a really bad economic state, leaving people in desperate hunger. People have even tried to set up man-made tented camps in which to live. Hamas is not giving up yet, although people are saying this is the “beginning of the end of Hamas.” Recently reported, many Hamas members have surrendered to the Israeli army and there could be a significant breakdown of Hamas’ finances. Currently, heavy fighting is being reported in the Gazan city, Khan Younis. The Israeli army has initiated heavy airstrikes in hope of getting to the Hamas leader, Yayha Sinwar. Rumors speculate that he is hiding beneath the city in a network of tunnels. Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, stated directly to a Palestinian military group, “It’s over. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender- now!” This response to the current events is a hint to what is to come next, which could be the end of Hamas by the Israeli army in Gaza’s very own city, Khan Younis.