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Mamma Mia! A Show to Remember!

March 7th, 8th, and 9th mark the days Blind Brook High School’s theater department put on the astonishing production of the commemorated movie, Mamma Mia. After months of preparation dedicated to the musical by the cast, crew, and teachers/staff, including Mrs. Colangelo and Mrs. Cerasoli, it was all pulled together in a way that had the crowd laughing, tearing up, and dancing in their seats. The leads, Abby Meron as Donna, Cassidy Wohl as Sophie, Pablo Zeitune as Sky, Hunter Greenspan as Sam Carmichael, Josh Fitzpatrick as Harry Bright, Will Jaffe as Bill Austin, Madilyn Klien as Rosie, Toby Grossberg as Tanya, Chloe Beal as Lisa, and Cassandra Brunetti as Ali, truly made the show phenomenal with their incredible vocals and immersive acting. The set was beautifully made, accurately representing the gorgeous views of Greece displayed in the movie, and the costumes were just as good, with Donna and the Dynamo’s final outfit topping the rest. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, Mamma Mia is a movie on a secluded Greek island at a hotel run by the independent Donna, where her daughter, Sofie, is about to get married. Old friends all gather, and the island is being prepared for the day she can finally marry the love of her life, Sky. The only thing missing is Sofie’s father, whom she does not know. Despite this, she secretly invites three men from Donna’s past to figure out which one may be her father, so she has someone to give her away at the wedding. Blind Brook’s production of Mamma Mia does an amazing job embodying the movie, fantastically illustrating themes such as the importance of family and friendship, letting go of the past, and independence. 

When asked what her favorite part of the musical was, Junior Abby Meron, who played Donna, responded, “I loved the show so much, so I have many favorite parts, but I loved getting to do the show with some of my closest friends while having them play my best friends at the same time. I loved how we would be dancing and laughing one minute, and then the entire theater was sobbing and crying the next. Although it was a lot to take on, there is nothing I’d rather do, and it is such a fulfilling feeling knowing the hard work paid off.” A big part of Blind Brook’s production of Mamma Mia that got the audience excited was the teacher section. Not only did the crowd enjoy it, but it was easy to notice the enjoyment in the teachers’ faces while performing their hearts out on stage with the rest of the cast. “If I had to describe my experience as being a part of Mamma Mia in one word, it would be amazing,” exclaimed Mr. Ambrosio. “It was an amazing experience to be part of the Mamma Mia cast, number one being able to work with the student body and with Mrs. Colangelo and Mrs. Cerasoli, the whole creative team, and lastly being able to work with the faculty that participated in Mamma Mia. It was a fantastic experience, and I think the students enjoyed seeing us interact with them on stage.”   The joy seen in each actor’s face was infectious, and the overall vibe shown through their performance spread amongst the crowd, leaving the audience with a smile on their faces and songs that would get stuck in their heads throughout the next week. It’s not hard to notice the genuine happiness in all the performers, the crew, and the teachers who were in the musical. Mamma Mia allowed each of them to let loose and enjoy themselves in a fun play full of catchy tunes by ABBA, excellent choreography, and true, expressive emotions. It will be difficult to beat this year’s production of Mamma Mia, but knowing Blind Brook’s theater department and their dedication to these plays, they will top it and blow each of our minds once again. If you missed the chance to see this outstanding performance, visit BBTV to see the livestream of one of the performances!