The Collaborative Success of Blind Brook Athletics

Blind Brook takes immense pride in its sports program, which serves as a cornerstone of our school’s spirit and community. While sports like soccer and basketball are exclusive to Blind Brook students, others like hockey, swimming, and football bring together athletes from neighboring Westchester County schools, creating stronger, more diverse teams.

The Rye Town Harrison Titans hockey team is a combination of the school districts of Blind Brook, Harrison, Rye Neck, and Port Chester. The Titans had an outstanding winter, finishing with an overall record of 18-2-1 and winning the League C championship. Combining the four schools allowed for a bigger team with more players. As a member of this team, at the beginning of the season, it was hard to anticipate what would happen with four schools combined. From the very start, we began to build great relationships with each other. We progressed throughout the season and became closer as friends and teammates, which improved our team chemistry, leading us through the season on a historic run. Being able to represent Blind Brook is crucial, and combining with other schools gives the players an opportunity to do so, playing the sport that they love. Talking with Junior Goalie CJ Stumpf, he expressed how great it was to represent his school. “Initially, I was unsure about joining a combined team, concerned it might impact our team culture. However, looking back on the past year, I’ve found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Our team culture was strong, and as the season went on, we bonded even more. Everyone, including the new players, fully committed to our team’s goals, which led to our success later in the season. Playing with students from three other schools gave us the chance to keep our love for hockey alive at our school. While the season didn’t end as we hoped, we’re proud of what we achieved and are already gearing up for the next season.” For the Titans, the combination of the three other schools with Blind Brook gives an opportunity for the players to represent their school while playing the sport that they love.

Next is the swim team. Combined with Rye High School and Rye Neck High School, this team is another powerful combined sports team. Talking with Sophomore George Papaioannou about the importance of being able to represent the school with the combined team, he discussed the importance of building strong relationships with his teammates. “We ended up bouncing back from a tough season, going 0-7, working hard to become undefeated, going 7-0, and winning the conference, reaching the divisionals and winning that as well, making it to regionals and placing 16th in the Section. As we moved through the season, we built lasting friendships, helping us propel as one of the top seeds. This was a memorable experience, and I look forward to continuing onto another great winning season next year.” The three schools combined for swimming continued to have grit to come back after a tough season and are ready to continue this trend of successful seasons. For the Blind Brook Swim Team, being able to combine with two other schools kept the dream of representing their school alive and helped them continue on to a great successful winter season.

Finally, our football team, Blind Brooks football team is eager to play this upcoming fall after not having a season last fall. Talking with Upcoming Senior Carmine Casino, he explained the eagerness the team has to get back on the field, representing Blind Brook, “After not having a season last year, we are all very excited to get back out there and play again. Dealing with the heartbreak of not having a season, it puts into perspective for us that we cannot take the moments we have with our teammates for granted. I am looking forward to this merge with Edgemont High School, and to start meeting my new teammates in August, while creating strong friendships and to create a new brotherhood.”  For the future of Blind Brook athletics, we are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence both on and off the field.