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School Shutdown

As all of you are aware, Blind Brook School District is closed due to COVID-19. In a statement
that is posted on the Blind Brook Website, Colin Byrne says, “ Based on the current status of the
spread of COVID-19 in the Westchester County area, all schools in the Blind Brook School
District will be closed for two weeks starting on Monday, March 16th. We have several
community members self-quarantining for possible exposure to the virus with the expectation of
more to come. The District is taking the proactive step in closing to mitigate the spread of
COVID-19. We anticipate reopening schools on March 30th but will continue to assess the
situation and decide if additional closure is needed. I will again state that we do not yet have
someone who has tested positive to COVID-19. I will continue to keep the community updated if
there is any change of status in any community member.”
This virus has taken the world by storm with symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of
breath. By keeping the school closed, we are practicing “social distancing.” Social distancing is
a practice that goes back thousands of years. Back then, it was used on diseases that you could
see (mostly skin diseases). Now with COVID-19, we have an invisible virus and contagious
people who don’t show symptoms until they’re very sick or they never show symptoms at all.
The point of social distancing is to reduce the probability of contact between people carrying an
infection, and others who are not infected, to minimize disease transmission. Yes, social
distancing is boring! But it is imperative throughout this time, that people do not gather in groups
in tight spaces or any areas at all. Blind Brook started remote learning for the Middle School and
High School on March 18th. Students will be expected to log in to their Google Classroom
account at their allotted class time to get assigned work.