The Laramie Project!

Blind Brook High School Drama Presents The Laramie Project!

This free event, donations encouraged and appreciated, will be streaming on January 15th-16th, 2021 at 7pm.

See details here: Lamarie Poster! 

Directed by: Christina Colangelo
Editor/Artistic Director: Sam Knee
Technical Director: Zach Dore
Student Directors: Mika Finkman and Tess O’Brien

Featuring the talents of:
Anna Baker-Butler, Zach Berger, Joe Cosmedy, Rachel George, Sydney Goldberg, Daniel Greenspan, Hunter
Greenspan, Kyle Grindstaff, Toby Grossberg, Clara Hastings, Kate Jaffee, Will Jaffee, Sam Knee, Noah Levine,
Andrew Lynch, Rebecca Marsalese, Harrison Mauriello, Tess O’Brien, Abby Ochs,
Tyler Oppenheimer, Connor Salvatore, Ana Savitt, Sam Savitt, Corey Schiz, Brooke Sosin, Rebecca Starr, Alyssa
Trokie, Victor Way, Jackson Welde, Alessandra Wemm, Thomas Wemm, Cassidy Wohl”

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