Blind Brook’s Future Starts with Charles Von Hollen

Charles Von Hollen, Blind Brook’s Director of Technology, recently won a renowned technology award. Von Hollen won the award for Outstanding Innovative Leader at the LHRIC’s TELL award ceremony. LHRIC is the Lower Hudson Valley Information Center which works with school districts across Westchester County to achieve their technological goals. Von Hollen once worked solely in the Blind Brook High School, but was soon able to expand his job, as he says, to working on, “anything with a battery.” He now oversees all of Blind Brook’s technology and works to enhance the classroom experience through technology advancements and opportunities for students. The award recognizes his leadership in incorporating technology as a teacher. It shines a light on how he has been able to embrace technology. Von Hollen was actually nominated three times by his peers who have helped promote technology for Blind Brook alongside him. The Outstanding Innovative Leader award also represents how the Blind Brook school community has utilized technology to improve learning.
Von Hollen says that his Blind Brook colleagues played a large role in his winning this award, “There are great teachers here who have taken a lot of risks and incorporated more technology into what they’re doing.” The Blind Brook team worked with Von Hollen, which allowed him to win this award. Achieving this accolade has definitely changed the morale for the Blind Brook technology staff. Von Hollen expressed that he is extremely thankful for the award considering that with all of the passionate leaders of technology in other districts in Westchester, around him, he was selected. When asked what the award means to him, Von Hollen responded, “It continues to provide motivation.” He now strives to do bigger and better things for Blind Brook’s technology going forward.